Heartshapedaffair Tattoos by Joslin Gay

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I am a tattoo artist working at Parasol Tattoo Company in Saratoga Springs, NY. I relocated to Upstate New York a year and a half ago when the opportunity arose to work along side some of the most talented artists and wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

I enjoy painting, printmaking and photography. I dig riding motorcycles, snowboarding and the smell of spray paint. Fall is my favorite, I’m an out and proud leaf peeper. I love all types of music, electronic atmospheric vibes all the way to pop country, and everything in between. I like geometry and patterns, nature,dotwork and black! And Unicorns.

I was born and bred in St. Petersburg, Florida.I received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the University of Central Florida. Upon graduation I moved to Breckenridge, Colorado chasing snow. I did my tattoo apprenticeship and worked for a while at Godspeed Tattoo in Breckenridge. I called Colorado home for 6 of the best years of my life. I headed back to Florida to recharge for a few years, to work on my craft and prepare for my next adventure, New York!


Thanks for interest in getting tattooed! Can’t wait to hear your ideas.

Brief description of what youd like

Where is it going


Choose all that apply

I work Sunday-Wednesday at 11am

Booking Process:

In order to streamline the process, please read over this carefully, and include all information. I hope this will answer some questions before I can get back to you.

I try to check and respond to emails daily, but often i only have time to check them once or twice a week. I promise i will respond to all of them, but please be patient with this one woman show.

Right now im booking out about 3-4 weeks depending on your availability, and am setting up a waitlist to fit people in sooner if i have any cancellations. Keep in mind weekends tend to fill up faster than week days, and nights faster than afternoons, so if you have more flexibility, i will probably be able to fit you in more quickly.

Please send some references of what you are looking to have done. I will not duplicate someone else's artwork, so please keep in mind this will be a starting point and used as inspiration. Please also look at my work on instagram (@heartshapedaffair) or my website www.heartshapedaffair.com so you can see the type of tattoos i make.

A description of placement and a photo of where it is going on YOUR body, i dont need photos showing other tattoos on someone else's body where you want your tattoo.
An approximate size for the tattoo, or limits to how big we can make the tattoo.

I will have a drawing ready for you at the time of your appointment, i do not send out drawings ahead of time for many reasons. If any small edits need to be made to the design typically that can be done the day of the appointment. If the drawing needs large adjustments, a reschedule may be required.

I take a $80-100 non refundable deposit to make an appointment, that will apply toward your tattoo upon the completion of the piece. Deposits are only applied to the piece discussed during the consultation process. If its a multiple session tattoo, the deposit will come off your last appointment. Deposits are transferable, so if scheduling issues occur, we can move your appointment as long as i am given a 3 day notice, you will not forfit your deposit. However more than 2 reschedules will require a new deposit.

At the moment I only take cash for tattoos, but deposits can be done via paypal as well if a in person consultation isn't necessary. Large tattoos are $120/hour, smaller tattoos (typically anything less than 3 hours) are priced by the piece.

My schedule is 12-8 Tuesday-Saturday. I typically have time to do consultations in person at 12 and 1230. When scheduling allows i can set up a consult during the day as well, but give me a heads up as to when you want to stop by to confirm i will be free.

Deposit Policy:

Deposits are required to make an appointment. Deposits are non refundable.

Deposits will be deducted from the total cost of the tattoo on the final session.

I require a 72 hours notice for rescheduling. Your deposit will be transferred to another session. If notice is not given in advance or you don’t show for your appointment you will forfeit your deposit.

A new deposit will be required if an appointment is rescheduled more than three times.

Deposits cannot be transferred to different artist, different design or to a different client.

Being more than 15 minutes late for your appointment without calling and notifying your artist may result in your appointment being cancelled and the forfeit of your deposit.

Rose Coffin


Saratoga horses

Black Heart

Geo brooklyn bridge


Traditional globe

Golden finch

Geometric Lake life

Geo brain

Flower Robot


Lotus flower


Mandala leg

Geometric wave

Jason’s Geo Mountains

Calf mandala


Geo animal sleeve



Geo koala

Rose love letter

Watercolor snowflake tree

Tree torch



Watercolor aperture flowers


Blackwork flowers

Maple leaf landscape


Mountain scene


Moana watercolor


Flower Lady

Blackwork turtle

Billy colabo

Geo female



Traditional dagger


Cardinal cross

Traditional rose

Geo mountains

Peony doggo

Floating tree moon


Geo poppy


Flower boquet

Prince lotus

Geo tree


Geo mountains